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b-LOG: The Spring Tipping Point

Every spring we see that definite point in time when the influx of new listing activity is clearly upon us. Sellers typically delay until this time of year for two big reasons.

1. They want to get their home showing its best as the grey tones of winter are replaced with the greens and flowers of spring.

2. They are waiting for a home to arrive on the market that they can move to.
As we often see this time of year, a lot of sellers jump in with both feet as we move through April. This tends to create a bit of anxiety from the sellers perspective as well as a shift of power in the buyers favour as supply increases.

So, what if as a seller, you could avoid this scenario. What if you were able to get a jump on the market by a few weeks when buyers have fewer options to choose from? Yes, it may be a bit of a leap of faith but the result may be the difference between having 3 versus 12 other homes competing with your home.

Knowing that in our market, April and May have historically been the highest “new listing” months, timing is a huge asset to use to your advantage. Selling before the glut of new listings arrive on market coupled with buying in a time of over supply is arguably the recipe for success in our region.

Of course, navigating this equation is best handled with the help of a professional (REALTOR!). If you would like help with your real estate journey, please feel free to contact THEbTEAM at your convenience.

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