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b-LOG: The Real Estate Dictionary

Sprawling, gleaming, soaring, spacious, cozy, welcoming, grand, etcetera etc. We all do it. We (REALTOR Writers) overuse and misuse words all the time when trying to create interest and provide background on a home. Gleaming hardwood leading to an open family room with soaring ceilings. You’ve likely heard and probably read it all before. At least twice.

Blog may 26Where we as marketers and creators run into trouble is the reader’s (or buyer’s) definition of gleaming, soaring and impressive. We have a listing currently with what many would consider to be a nice kitchen. Natural wood with granite counters, plenty of prep space and all that good stuff. Where we run into trouble describing this kitchen (or other similar rooms) is the interpretation of the reader. The kitchen mentioned above has also been referred to as a “total gut job”, meaning it’s days would be numbered should this buyer purchase the home.

So are we better removing the adjectives altogether?

Immaculate hardwood floors with spotless trim along with the understated colour scheme combine to create a calm living and dining room area.


Hardwood floors with trim along with the colours are found in the living and dining room area.

So removing the adjectives and descriptors simplifies and strips the sentence down however we lose a lot of the intent and meaning behind the implied benefit or positive aspects of the items. Where the problem occurs is when the description is completely unhinged from reality.

Circle The Most Appropriate Description:

Gleaming/worn and dirty hardwood floors with spotless/banged up trim along with the understated/horridly non-descript colour scheme combine to create a calm/boring living and dining room are.

What is the ‘furthest from reality’ description that you have read in real estate advertising? Any examples of the best words/sentences you’ve read online or in print? We would love to hear about them. In the meantime, enjoy pulling up to the refined curb appeal and stately presence of the next home you care to visit.

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