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b-LOG: The Language of Real Estate

Sprawling. Beautiful. Soaring. Gleaming. Open. Cozy. Warm. Blah. These, along with many more, are some of the usual suspects in the language of real estate. The language that is mostly employed by us Real Estate Agents.

When doing anything repetitive, the risk is always to fall into ruts or patterns and ruts or patterns are rarely sources of creative thought. When you, the consumer or real estate enthusiast in general reads about gleaming hardwood floors and soaring ceilings in the breathtaking great room, do you find yourself skimming over the text?

Would point form bullet points be better? Pie charts and visual graphs? Or just simple pictures? Perhaps a combination of all of the above and then some would be the answer. The reason I write this is today I found myself, as I do 8 days a week, reading through some listings while searching for clients of ours. Since I do this so much, I can skim read and quickly scan data and still come out with a good idea of what a home has and doesn’t have.

I suppose it’s risky for you consumers to be skimming. To think all the work that has gone into cranking out this vanilla prose is going to waste. The horror!

The answer to this riddle really is for us to offer the information in as many formats as possible. Write a novel for those that like to curl up with a coffee and go house shopping. Provide crisp photos for the iPhone pic flipper. Draft up a quick summary of the highlights for emailing in bullet form. Attach pdf documents of surveys, floorplans and general specifications. Present a simple, clean video of the home or even the neighbourhood. Be accessible by phone, email, text or bat signal.

At the end of the day, it is you, The Consumer, that challenges us on a daily basis. You challenge us to be creative, intelligent and engaging in what we do and how we do it. We know if we are not achieving these lofty goals by your indifference. So, please keep contacting us. Keep emailing, calling, text or stopping in to see us at our office or open houses. In general, it means we are reaching you and for marketers, that is what keeps us going day in and day out!

Thank-you for visiting.


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