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b-LOG: The Keys to a Successful Winter Move

b-LOG: The Keys to a Successful Winter Move

If you’re planning on a move in February or March, there are some things you should do right now. Ok, maybe not right now but we’ve broken down a month-by-month timeline to help.


Sure, you’ll get frozen tundra photos taken in February but how is a buyer supposed to get excited about your patio, landscaping and/or pool when its covered in snow? So, spruce up the gardens, make the grass look like the green stuff at Wrigley Field and get that pool looking its best. The effort and resulting photos will pay dividends.

EXTERIOR ENTRANCE. If the front door or exterior porch steps need a coat of paint, now is the time. There is nothing like a polished front entrance to make a positive first impression and that concept applies 12 months of the year. Make sure your mailbox and front lights look their best too!


DE-JUNKIFY™. It’s easier to clear out the unneeded clutter, 1980’S TV, inoperable exercise bike and vintage ski collection when you can move it out of the house in more reasonable temperatures. There’s a reason we call it ‘Spring Cleaning’. It’s easier when you don’t have to battle -20 degree winds carrying loads in and out of your front door. (Note: de-junkify has no applicable trademark )

PRUNING & CUTTING BACK. If you have an overgrown tree or bush swallowing up the front of your home, get it trimmed while the weather allows. The same applies to the “less pretty when dead” perennials. Grasses can be interesting to keep over the winter as they still offer some visual interest.


START THE LIST. The dreaded list. If you have 12 minutes jobs scattered throughout your home like most of us do, make an audit of what needs to get done and start chipping away at them. Replace the broken bi-fold door. Get the window with the broken seal repaired. Replace that dripping laundry room faucet. Re-grout the tub. Sure, it isn’t the most ideal way to spend your time but again, the return on your time and money invested will pay dividends.

PAINT. It’s time. The purple dining room, the damaged baseboards and the circa 1984 wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom should get some attention. Remember, it’s the appeal of your home on a computer screen that is critical. Fresh neutral paint and simple décor is the name of that game.

Every home, every seller and every market is different. Every home will have a different set of things to accentuate while every seller will have their own ability to handle the above tasks. Whether it is the homeowner or hired help, the investment will pay off and then some.

And we know people that can help with all of the above and more. That is where we come in…to make things easier on you!

To chat about your plan, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Thank-you for visiting.


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