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b-LOG: Shhhh

b-LOG: Shhhh


Shhhh…. Or at least be very careful what you are saying when touring a home. The tools have been in place for many years but the variety of tools and ease of accessing them has never been greater than today.

Long story short?

Houses may have ears these days. Whether it’s a simple audio recording device, an iPhone left in the living room set to record, security system, nanny cam or smart home system, a seller has many new ways to listen to your conversations.

“Let’s write an offer!”

“I LOOOOOOVE this home! We’d be willing to go over-asking if we have to!”

What about the buyer who would love to buy the home but comments are made that may offend or upset the seller.

Or the buyer who discloses financial or other issues that a seller could use to their advantage.

Several years ago, it was much more common for the sellers to remain home during showings. As a result, buyers tended to keep their cards a little closer to the chest. We could chat and discuss the more important parts of the home but when it came time to dig into the price or more specific, more important issues, we did that outside. After all, we didn’t want the sellers to hear.

Our suggestion? It’s not a terrible idea to apply a bit of that caution when looking at a home in 2019. Or 2020. In 2021, the robots will likely be in charge but until then, this is our suggestion!

Questions? Let us know anytime. We’re happy to chat.

Credit for the awesome photo belongs with Kyle Smith. You can find him on unsplash.com.


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