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b-LOG: Your Seller To-Do List for October

If you are selling your home in those transition months between fall and winter, there are some tasks you should look at doing as we move from warmer to cooler weather. Here is a sampling of them. And don’t panic…nothing too strenuous!

First, it is a good time to sort out the closet situation. It is one of those real estate broken record topics but an important one nonetheless.

to do listIf you are blessed with large closets and more storage space than you know what to do with, you may be in the clear. If not, now is the time to clear out and simplify. For example, if your closet is on the verge of exploding, get all of the warmer weather gear out of there and pack it away. Shorts, golf shirts and for all those fashionistas out there, I’m pretty sure that white or really light pants are supposed to disappear past labour day.

Now to the front hall closet. Flip flops, sandals and any summer shoes in general should all get packed up and tucked away. Same goes for warm weather coats. Remember….Rubbermaid bins are your friend!

If you are in a home, don’t ignore the outside. This is a great time to clean up those gardens of any dead growth. Interested buyers will still put their shoes on and go out back for a look so you want to keep it looking delightful for them!

Fireplace season begins in October as well so make sure that if you have a gas version, it is up and running and easily turned on for showings. If there is a “process” involved in turning your fireplace on, perhaps leave instructions for the agent or if possible, leave it on for them. A cozy rec room with a fireplace tugs at the heart strings of buyers this time of year so make sure it is a prominent feature.

Another important consideration is lighting. Since it is getting darker earlier, post-sunset showings will start to happen more and more. For agents that don’t live in your home (likely all of us), walking into your home in the dark will not have the same impact as if the home is well lit and welcoming. This is especially true for those rooms where finding the light switch is difficult. Basements and rec rooms often fall into that category. If work or life schedules don’t allow you to deal with lights before a showing, perhaps call in some favours. Either family or neighbours could help by popping in and getting some lights on.

Regardless of when you sell, there are always little bits and pieces that can be done to improve how your home shows. Sometimes it is those 5% items that make all the difference!

For some ideas on your home, please feel free to contact THEbTEAM at your convenience. We would love to hear from you!

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