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b-LOG: Pier 61: A New Dining Gem!

b-LOG: Pier 61: A New Dining Gem!

If you have ever met us, you know that aside from helping people buy and sell homes, we are also great fans of eating. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are big believers in taking time out to chow down. So, here we are writing the first ever food-related blog!

Any restaurant needs a perfect recipe to be successful. Location, atmosphere, food, service, comfort and value all go hand-in-hand to make to set the perfect scene. I can honestly write that Pier 61 includes all of the above in healthy quantities.

THE LOCATION is lovely with views out to the waters rushing towards the lake in Port Dalhousie. As the weather warms up, the patio will be an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the view.

THE ATMOSPHERE is comfortable, intimate yet still active with a healthy buzz in the air. Notice the unique art hanging on the walls!

THE FOOD offers a great mix for everyone including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Portions are great and you can tell there is thought and care going into each dish.

THE SERVICE is well organized. The most recent night we were there got off to a slow start since they were ‘slammed’ (as the lingo goes) with a huge rush but once they caught up, it was great. In the meantime we were forced to sit and chat and take in the views so we got by ok…

THE COMFORT level is great. It has this great balance of formal and casual.

THE VALUE is excellent with main course items going for not much more than a footlong sub at your local sandwich shop.

So, bottom line is this…if you enjoy a good meal out, give Pier 61 a try. The Proprietors, Joe and Maria, along with various members of their family, have done a fabulous job of creating a true destination to get out and enjoy a great meal in a gorgeous setting.

If you have any restaurant suggestions in our area, let us know!

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