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b-LOG: Looking Forward to 2014

Another year draws to a close and as we launch into 2014, we would first like to send out our thanks and appreciation to all you people who have helped us grow, learn and succeed not just as REALTORS but as colleagues, citizens and friends.

Every year comes with its own set of challenges and victories. One thing we have really latched on to is the concept of the challenges being opportunities to learn, grow and improve. We were at a conference a few years back and the speaker told the story of a patron at a fancy restaurant. A waiter, passing in behind his seat, accidentally spilled a bowl of soup on the patron’s suit jacket which was on the back of his chair. There is no doubt that this was a negative and potentially damaging event.

Through the gasps of fellow diners and the shock of the staff, the restaurant had a few choices. Long story short, they had the jacket sent out, dry-cleaned and on the individuals back by the time they were done dinner. A challenge turned into a story that will be shared. A negative that actually turned into a very positive story…amazing!

Applying that to the world of selling and buying homes, emotions often run high during the process. Stress, anxiety, impatience, feel of lack of control, uncertainty and worry are a few. Unfortunately they are the emotions that most focus on. There can also be excitement, success, connection with the other party, growth, new life chapters and anticipation.

In our day to day life as REALTORS, we are along for the ride on all of the above. We shared the stress, joy, impatience, connection, excitement, uncertainty that all of you did. We celebrated your triumphs and lost sleep over the not-so-triumphant moments. This is not a 9 to 5 job by any means. For our clients to entrust us with being their guide through such a major event is really what keeps us going 8 days a week.

So, again, thank-you, and we look forward to 2014 and beyond. We have several exciting new listings coming up along with a few interesting developments. We also look forward to the unknown. To meeting new people, forging new connections and enjoying the process along the way.

Cheers to you all and Happy New Year!

Patrick, Jim & Liana

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