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b-LOG: LISTING PHOTOS – The Great Real Estate Mystery

b-LOG: LISTING PHOTOS – The Great Real Estate Mystery

Not to air dirty real estate industry laundry, but sometimes we have to call it like we see it. Why do we so often see real estate listing photos that are, in a word, horrid. Or terrible. Embarrassing, laughable and confusing are also part of the equation.

It is something that has puzzled us for many years. As a team, we have been hiring professional photographers for a decade now. It really is one of our ‘no brainers’ when we list and market a home.

So why on a daily basis do we see homes arrive on market with houses that are upside down? …or the photo is obscured by a thumb? …or the seller is in the photo at the end of the hall under the impression that they’re hiding?

What really is a shame is that the REALTOR® behind the photo is quite possibly highly skilled and knowledgeable of what it takes to get a home sold. They may have many years of experience to bring to the table. All that these photos do though is make us as an industry look like dinosaurs that haven’t figured out some of the fundamental truths of today.

High quality photography is an enormous first step to take when presenting a home on the market.

Case closed.

The truth is that all these non-Pulitzer-worthy photos do is undermine our industry. The nearly pitch black dining room only makes us look like we lack the attention to detail or concern for how our clients homes are presented. Or worse…that we’re lazy.

Dearest REALTORS®,

It is time that we do better. That we strive to raise the game of how we present our clients homes. We are not selling an old bike or dining room table on kjiji. We are being entrusted with the sale of what is likely the largest financial asset that these people possess.

And yes, some of you REALTORS® will say we’re crazy. This kind of disparity in quality makes the job of the skilled marketer easier when their work shines that much brighter in comparison to the “other” work being done.

But what if across the board as an industry, every home and property was displayed at such a high level that the quality of photography isn’t even a topic of conversation?

A rising tide lifts all boats.

What is the lowest common denominator that we aspire to as a professional industry? Until someone figures out a way to mandate or force photography of a certain quality, it is up to us collectively and individually to care enough to not just simply do enough. We should be aspiring to be brilliant on a daily basis.

Hopefully this doesn’t ruffle feathers. It really isn’t our intent. The fact of the matter is that if there was ever a time where we as an industry strive to improve it is now. And tomorrow. And next week. And in 2017.

Yours in positivity & growth!


Patrick Burke
James Broderick
Liana Romano
Sales Representatives
Sally McGarr Realty Corp., Brokerage

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