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b-LOG: Getting Into New

b-LOG: Getting Into New

I have been looking around at a lot of friends, family and colleagues recently and noticed a theme. A lot of them are getting into new. By that I mean new _____.

New careers
New relationships
New homes,
New cities
New ______

It’s funny how in life you don’t see something until you are looking for it or it is new in your life. Kind of like when you get a new car and suddenly they’re everywhere! So, while I was noticing all of this ‘new’, I also saw the photo attached to this bLOG. (Credit goes to Tim Swaan by the way).

Here you have this arched, nearly pristine bridge leading towards an absolute wall of dense jungle. Interesting too that you can’t see the other side of the bridge or how long the journey to that uncertainty of jungle is.

So, you walk over the bridge and approach this uncertainty. You take a relationship to the next level. Financing is arranged and you nervously (and excitedly) buy that home. You take the big step to sell your family home of over 50 years. The business that you applied for a job at called and you’re hired! An opportunity comes up on the other side of the world so you shut down the voice that tells you why you should stay where things are safe and the same and you head out. You go through a huge career change and dig into the business of real estate and get your REALTOR license. Or you simply (which is far from simple) change brokerages. You strap on some boxing gloves and step into the ring to fight (for real) to raise money for MS. After 3 years, you get your braces off as you plunge into the teenage years.

Armed with a pleasant mix of courage, uncertainty and faith, you begin to cross that bridge even though you can’t see the other side. It may shake under your feet but you keep going. As you get closer to that wall of green, you could just as easily turn around and armed with excuses, head back to the security of the old.

Or you can head directly into New.

I’m no wizard or trail blazer but I think The New is not a place to turn away from. It’s a place of growth and learning. A place of victory (or defeat and then victory). It’s the place that creates stories you can share with your Grandchildren or friends. Sure there may be cuts or bruises or rejection but then you start to make sense of the big scary jungle and everything suddenly becomes ok (or great!).

So to Stephanie, Shawn, Liana, Brad, Mark, Andrew, Ted, Peter, Richard, Jasmine and everyone else who is crossing that bridge towards the jungle, keep going! Lean into The New.

Thank-you for visiting.



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