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b-LOG: Find the Five

As we move through July and into August, some home sellers will see decreased activity and interest in their home. This is for several reasons including the fact that a portion of the market’s active buyers have already bought as well as many of us southern Ontarions head north.

five picSo, if demand lessens, what are you going to do? If what is happening isn’t working, then perhaps it is time to Find The Five.

Whether you know or your Realtor knows or your friends know, ask around and Find The Five issues that have been holding you back. Five issues that you can identify, come up with a plan to resolve them and get to work on!

  • Is the front porch in disrepair and pealing?
  • Is the backyard landscaping looking a little more jungle than botanical?
  • What about the circa 1971 Grimsby furnace?
  • Damaged baseboard and trim? While small and relatively inexpensive to repair, can really distract a buyer from the big picture.
  • Cracked tiles in the laundry room?

There are numerous other possibilities to consider that could be holding you back. If ever there is a time to tackle these, it is now. Perhaps your home doesn’t sell through August and you find yourself for sale at Labour Day. You will want to have as many of these issues resolved as the market winds up again as we move into September. And who knows…perhaps your buyer will come through when you least expect it and make an offer!

Find The Five and do the best you can. If you need some guidance on how to tackle this concept, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Thank-you for visiting.

Patrick, Jim and Liana.

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