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b-LOG: Damp Log Syndrome

Going camping usually affords us the time to sit and ponder. The sounds of nature, the distant sound of someone chopping firewood and the mesmerizing effects of a bonfire.

IMG_00000908After dealing with some rain, I had the task of getting a fire going with a mix of dry wood and damp kindling. For someone who lights approximately 3 to 4 fires a year, it took some patience mixed with luck. And some paper plates…

I noticed something during the hour long task. First, I wouldn’t last a week on the TV show Survivor. Second, a few of the dry logs were cooperating well, but the damp kindling was really holding the overall fire back.

It got me thinking. (see paragraph 1 about pondering). The success anyone has in the selling of a product is the sum of many parts. How it presents. How it is marketed. How it is priced. The abilities of the marketer. The willingness and agility of the seller/owner.

These are all cogs in the wheel that depend on each other for the overall success of the sale.

Going back to the fire, you can have a strong and perfectly formed bonfire roaring away. Now lean a damp log against it and see what happens.

Does what you’re selling have a wet log holding it back? Success lies in identifying what that wet log is and fixing/replacing it as soon as possible.

Now, back to pondering this fire.

Thank-you for visiting.

Patrick, Jim and Liana.

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