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b-LOG: Cars, Weddings, Baseball & Real Estate

b-LOG: Cars, Weddings, Baseball & Real Estate

: WARNING : This bLOG contains more than the recommended dose of analogies. Prepare yourself. 

 Your car as it sits right now is likely in need of a bit of attention if you were selling it tomorrow. Vacuum, wash, wax and shine should all be on your list. 

Getting married next weekend? Please tell me you’re booked for a hair cut in the next few days and have some sort of moderately special outfit picked out. 

Your new restaurant opens in 2 days so needless to say you have a lot of work to do in the next 48 hours. 

The big night has finally arrived when you’re going on a date with Roy from work. Chances are you’re going to get ready, pick out the perfect outfit, clean-up and get looking and feeling your best. 

Tomorrow is opening night of the show and you just so happen to be one of the lead actors. Time to eat a healthy meal, relax and get a good night’s sleep so you’re feeling your best tomorrow. 

You just woke up to find out that you’re playing 3rd base for the Toronto Blue Jays tonight. Josh Donaldson is still down with calf problems. True story. So, you’re going to eat right, get a work-out in, stretch, work with the trainer, hydrate and get mentally set. 

It’s been 25 minutes since they asked you to have a seat in the lobby while you wait for your job interview. You’ve researched the company and prepared your answers for their likely questions. The suit, shoes and laptop bag you’re carrying all go together beautifully. You are well rested and on top of your game. A little wait isn’t stressing you out.

Your car looked its absolute best and sold in 2 days. 

The wedding goes perfect and you looked fantastic. 

Your restaurant is slammed its first night with rave reviews across social media. 

Roy thought you were charming and your date turned into a magical night. 

Opening night of your show garnered a standing ovation and 5-star reviews. 

You went 0 for 4 at the plate and committed a league record 11 errors. (just being realistic!)

The job interview went amazing. You’re hired! 

What did these all have in common? 


Before launching or starting or attempting anything, preparation is key. Whether that is cleaning, staging, trimming, ironing, stocking, meditating, stretching, driving, warming up or waxing, to skip any of the above is to sacrifice the finished product. 

The same applies to your home. To plonk a sign in your yard, snap 4 or 5 photos with an iPhone 4 and throw the listing up onto MLS® is only going to sacrifice the potential finished product which is opportunity. 

Sacrificed opportunity = Money left on the table. And possibly a pulled hamstring. 

To get ready for the big game of selling your home, our team is ready to help from start to finish. That includes general guidance and direction on how to best present your home, professional staging, professional photography, professional video and nearly 40 years of combined experience in what it takes to achieve real estate success in the Niagara market. 

Feel free to contact us anytime. 

Full credit for the awesome photo belongs to Allen Taylor. You can find him on IG at @allentaylorjr



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