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b-LOG: BUYER POINTS: How Many is Your Home Worth?

Look at it this way. When a buyer comes to your home, your home is worth 100 points in their scoring system. 100 points that will slowly be deducted, recovered or maintained based on the type of reaction they have when visiting.

So, they pull up to the front curb and the gardens are a little ‘rough around the edges’. Deduct 2 points. As they walk up to the front steps, they notice the mailbox hanging onto the wall for dear life while the front light is encased in approximately 7 years worth of spider webs. Deduct 4 more points.

The front door looks great though…according to the listing info, it was just replaced a few months back. Add 2 points back. Hurray! Step inside and they are hit with strong cigarette smoke. Deduct 20 points. Or more. This depends really on who is looking and the level of smokedness.

Or as an alternate scenario, step inside and find a spotless, clean, well-presented main floor with lights on, lovely aromas of what may be cinnamon, neutral décor and views out to the beautiful backyard. Add 10 points. Go upstairs to find 5 different types of carpet, all installed back when Arsenio Hall was having his first go-around on late night TV. Deduct 8 points.

You get the point. The main thing to remember as a seller (of a home, car or used couch) is that the buyer will arrive with expectations and a bucket full of points. The more you can maintain that level of positive vibes, the better chance they will come out of the tour looking to submit an offer.

Oh…and on a side not, the price of the home and how it displays online are both huge factors in determining how many points they are carrying when they physically arrive at the property.

To keep your point levels up, make sure you are getting informed and sound advice. If you would like some guidance from our team, feel free to call or email at your convenience.

Thank-you for visiting.


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