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b-LOG: “But What About…”

When you’re buying virtually anything, questions should be asked. Clarify. Enquire. Verify. Plan. Question. Pause. Proceed. Etcetera.

stress for blogThere are 3 types of questions and comments that we routinely hear.

1. “Looking for more general info” questions.
2. “Getting the final info before proceeding” questions.
3. “Fear” questions.

In this article we’ll discuss the 3rd category. Fear questions are perfectly normal and understandable. The underlying foundation of these fear questions though is quite often based on the unknown or untrue. Interesting to note from our perspective is that we hear a lot of the same fear questions from people in all types of properties.

Here are some of our most commonly heard fear questions or comments:

“But we have a house to sell.” We hear this comment a lot from buyers. By far the more common scenario we find is that a buyer has a property to sell. It is rare that we have someone buying a property (unless they are first time buyers) that doesn’t have some kind of property to deal with. With new construction, the ‘buyers need to sell a home’ scenario is quite often easier to deal with due to often flexible closing dates. Is it a simple, A-B-C process? No. But it is a road we can definitely help you navigate.

“What if all we get are lowball offers.” Good news! You don’t have to accept any offer unless it contains the terms and conditions that are agreeable to you. Quite often we hear sellers already dreading the amount of an offer that doesn’t exist yet. Starting the process like that is going to add nothing but stress to selling.

“The market isn’t too good right now though is it?” We often hear market status updates from people out in the public. Sometimes accurate but quite often, not so accurate. A strange consistency we hear is that Joe and Josephine Public often look at the market through a negative lens. Getting local market info that is accurate is not always easy but is important if you are going to summarize how things are going. Looking for local market info? Let us know anytime!

“We don’t want our neighbourhood coming through our house!” We get this one a lot prior to open houses. The fear or concern here is a loss of privacy from your beloved (or not so) neighbours. Yes, some will come through out of curiousity or to compare your home to theirs or some other personal reason. There is another neighbour to think about though. The neighbour that loves their street so much that they want to get a friend or family member to move closer. Think of the neighbours not as nosey but rather as potential advocates or supporters of your sale!

There really are countless questions that can be asked or possibly will be asked. The thing to ask yourself is what purpose does a particular question serve. Is it going to help you get closer to your goal or is it a question from a place of fear that is only going to add stress. Stay positive, seek out wise advice and try to enjoy the process…afterall, it actually can be fun!

If you would like some help, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Patrick, Jim & Liana

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