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b-LOG: Breaking the Ice with the New Neighbours

b-LOG: Breaking the Ice with the New Neighbours

You prepare for it weeks or even months in advance. You build up your defences for the emotional roller coaster that would leave even the most fleet-footed tired and drained.

But once you cross the finishline and the last box is unpacked, you can then begin to focus on the new beginnings that a move offers. Unless you are a social butterfly, you’re going to have to do more than show up with a plate of freshly-baked cookies if you want to get to know your new neighbours and community.

Here are some easy ways to get settled in. You might just make some really strong and long-lasting friendships.


Hosting a party at your new home is a great way of welcoming old and new friends alike. It is also a great way to break the ice by approaching your new neighbours with an invitation to your get together.


If you have children, you are already at an advantage. Getting involved with school activities and events comes with the territory. Even if you don’t, you can still get involved in local church fundraisers or by participating in festivals and events in and around your new community.


Don’t wait for family and friends to visit to show off your city or town. Spend the day taking in the sights and get to know all that your new neighbourhood has to offer.


Community groups on social media are adundant. Join yours and connect with others around you.


A great way to meet people is to spend time in your garden or front yard. Say hello to passers by and break the ice with simple conversation.

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