• Jim Broderick, Sales Rep | Patrick Burke, Broker | Vicky Boucher, Sales Rep
b-LOG: 2018 Niagara Market Report

Welcome to our bTEAM 2018 Niagara Real Estate Market Report. 

There is plenty of talk out there about the market being “soft”. What the data in this report shows is more of a return to normal as the total sales data resembles the pre-2016 market frenzy. Below you’ll see a video jam packed with Niagara real estate intel. Below that you’ll see a link to a full city by city report with insight into the specifics of each area of Niagara. 


Have a great 2019!

Thank-you for visiting. We hope you’ve found the report and information helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. We love researching and tracking the Niagara real estate market so if there is a specific home or segment of the market that you’re curious about, by all means feel to contact us. 


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